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Located in Belgrade,Serbia, Web IT  has worked with clients all over the world. Our projects landscape looks like a world atlas: Belgrade, Montreal, Dubai, Ottawa, Barcelona and more. We a well established technology firm specializing in web design and development, app development (both for the web and for mobile devices), e-commerce, social media and many other services related to the web. Our small staff of web experts focus on finding the solution best suited to our clients and their projects.

We understand that for many of our clients, theri web project is their first experience in the world of online publishing. We also understand that this first experience can seem daunting. Our goal is to make that experience as enjoyable and successful as possible. On a completely different level, we often work with very experienced individuals or entire IT departments. These clients will appreciate a relationship where they can speak their tech language and be understood, and where solutions are given priortiy over problems.

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you with your current or new web project.

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